With e-commerce the main objective is to sell a product to a customer. It is highly recommended to have all platforms work to seed sale opportunities and to invite traffic back to product pages. We try to reduce how many clicks it takes to get the user to take out their credit card and buy. There are different nuances associated with a website looking to sell product and we ensure the business is thinking like a “store” in their online/social efforts.


Our philosophy is: “Build a business, not a website”. An Ecommerce website is a business first and foremost; the website is merely the commerce delivery channel. An effective ecommerce site begins by understanding and defining the business strategy, goals and metrics for the site, and then crafting a website that is tailored to meet those site objectives.


Your e-commerce site needs to be able to guide users to what they’re looking for in three clicks or less, or else you risk losing customers. There are many obvious challenges that every store owner has to face in creating a meaningful user experience on their website. It requires attention to the finest details. By just optimizing your website’s Landing Pages, you can have a major impact on your bottom line. Simply put, Landing Page Optimization has a high ROI: increasing click-through from your Landing Pages will increases sales.